Storage Rack Installation Prices in Austin & Round Rock, TX

You'll be amazed at how low storage rack installation prices get

Your storage shelves shouldn't cost more than the tools and equipment you stack on top of them. That's why Good Garage LLC offers affordable storage rack installation prices.

These 4x8' standard-duty shelves sell for $299 and boast a 600-pound capacity. Installation is included in the price. You can also opt for:

3x8' shelves for $289

4x6' shelves for $279

3x6' shelves for $269

4x4' shelves for $209

2x8' shelves for $209

2x6' shelves for $199

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Our shelves come with a storage system lifetime warranty

Our shelves come with a storage system lifetime warranty

You'll never have to worry about shelves breaking or rotting away. All of our shelves are guaranteed by a storage system lifetime warranty. Consider going for the 4x8' super-duty shelves, which have a capacity of 1,000 pounds. At $319, these are an amazing value.

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